Mass Times


During Eucharist Adoration, we adore and honor the Eucharist presence of Christ. We watch and wait. We remain silent in His Presence and open ourselves to His Graces. Eucharistic Adoration is offered each Monday in Church from 3:30-6:30 pm.

Memorial Board

Please visit our memorial board in the back of the church and pray for all our deceased loved ones. Take a special moment to remember and pray for those you love and admire who have passed away.

All Souls Remembrance Book

During the month of November, a remembrance book will be placed near the Altar for you to record the names of your departed loved ones. These souls will be prayed for and remembered at all St. John the Baptist Masses during the month of November.

Rosary for LIfe

The Rosary for Life is offered as a prayer for all life, from conception to natural death. The Rosary for Life is prayed the first Saturday and Sunday of each month in church a half-hour before Mass.

Honoring our Military Families

We dedicate space in our church vestibule to honor the loved ones in our parish family serving in the Armed Forces, either in CONUS or overseas, on active duty or in the reserves or National Guard.