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The School Advisory Committee is a group of volunteers who, along with the pastor and principal, are dedicated to the promotion and welfare of Catholic education. The School Advisory Committee serves as an advisory body to the school principal and assists with policy development, identifying and expressing the educational goals and objectives of the school, budget planning, and public relations.

SJB School Advisory Committee

Participating on School Advisory Sub-Committees is a great way to get involved in school and opportunity is open to any person 18 years or older who is a member of the parish or a parent of a current student. View the School Advisory Committee Constitution and By-Laws for details about the operation of the School Advisory Committee.


School Advisory Committee Members

Fr. Subi Thomas, Pastor (Ex-Officio)

Amy Nelson, Principal (Ex-Officio)

Colleen Huibregtse, Chair

Christine Scudella, Co-Chair

Dick Brisson, Pastoral Council Liaison

Members: Mitch Adams, Dan Freres, Jeff Jens, Laurel Sartori, Katie Thoele, Laura Ubbelohde-Korff

School Advisory Committee Minutes

April 2024

January 2024

September 2023


Mission and Christian Identity

VISION: To demonstrate a Catholic world view to the school community centering around Jesus and the Sacraments.

Academic Programs

VISION: To foster continued growth and development of excellence in education.

Community Relations

VISION: To grow the school community and encourage family involvement in order to facilitate the affordability and advancement of Catholic education at St. John the Baptist.

Long Range Planning

VISION: To set forth priorities and goals which focus on faith development, academic excellence and fiscal responsibility.


VISION: To ensure the technology infrastructure of St. John the Baptist enhances all ministries and enriches our academic environment.


Contact the School Advisory Committee with questions, comments or to request an agenda item.