Mass Times

Grades 1-8 Formation Curriculum

Students in grade 1-5 learn about being Catholic in todays world through the “Discover! Finding Faith in Life” program.

Students in grades 6-8 expand their knowledge of our faith and follow in the footsteps of Jesus through “The Catholics Connections” program.

Discover! Catholic Connections

High School Formation Curriculum

The SJB high school faith formation program uses a combination of programming materials: Chosen: Your Journey towards Confirmation, Fr. Mike Schmitz Quick Catholic Lessons and The Catholic Faith Handbook. The program will catechize and challenge teens to fully embrace a life in Christ. It provides a structured curriculum with group discussions.

The year of Confirmation, students will attend a one-day retreat.

All students will participate in group community service opportunities with their class and have the option to experience mission work.


Sacramental Celebrations

First Communion and Reconciliation

Second grade students receive for the first time the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Preparation for these sacraments is a two-year process beginning in first grade. We use the Discover: Finding Faith in God (1st grade) and Go, Seek, Find: Discover God’s Treasures (2nd grade) curriculums.


The Confirmation program begins in 9th grade with students receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in the fall of 11th grade. All students attend a one-day retreat at Mount Tabor Retreat Center. Students connect with Jesus and others during an exciting, inspiring retreat.

Students are required to complete community service to be Confirmed. All Confirmation students are also required to complete 4 hours of service with their Confirmation Sponsor (parents can substitute if the sponsor is not in the area).

Mount Tabor Retreat Center